The Most Puissant Grand Council

of Royal & Select Masters of the State of New Jersey

Grand Council Officers 2021 - 2022

Grand Master

Deputy Grand Master

Grand Principal Conductor of the Work

Grand Treasurer

Grand Recorder

Grand Captain of the Guard

Deputy Grand Recorder

Grand Trustee 2019

Grand Trustee 2020

Grand Trustee 2021

Grand Conductor of the Council

Grand Marshal

Grand Steward

Grand Sentinel

Grand Historian

Grand Instructor

Grand Organist

D.D.G.M., 1st District

D.D.G.M., 2nd District

D.D.G.M., 3rd District

Grand Chaplain, 1st District

Grand Chaplain, 2nd District

Grand Chaplain, 3rd District

Grand Chaplain to the Grand Master

Grand Advisor North

Grand Advisor South

Secretary to MIGM

Director of Cryptic Education

Grand Almoner

Grand Quartermaster

William E. Sharp

Sean H. McNorton

Joseph A. Buono

Joseph F. Wiercinski

Gregory J. LaConte

Daryll Slimmer

Charles R  Johnson, Jr.

Douglas R. Policastro, PMIGM

Newlin R. Williams, Jr, PMIGM

Richard A. Hammill, PMIGM

Paul Schmeck 

Charless DeWoody jr,

John R. Corliss

Charles Runyan

Lawrence W. Craver

Brian H. Blades, PMIGM

Thomas Petro

Edward Kotwica

James Candelora

Paul E. Best

Mcintosl Thervil

Dennis Lacey


Paul A. Stevens

Robert Thornborough, MIPGM

Newlin R. Williams, MIPGM

Edward A. Hesley

Jeffrey R. Chan

William F. Drapezach

Robert J. Crawford